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Up to what age I may ask for a room ?

The "Foyer Tolbiac" welcome young woman from 18 to 25 included.

What will be the amount of the housing financial support ?

The housing support attributed by the Familiy allowance fund is calculated according to criteria of ressources, activities and family situation. The equation is complex and the amount of the support varies from a beneficiary to the other one according to these data. You can make a simulation on the CAF website (in french only).

Until what time I may move?

There are no hours imposed to move. However, not to disturb your neighbours of floors it's better to avoid moving after 21 hours.

Do I have to supply all the documents in the registration ?

Yes, all the documents are to pass on(to transmit) us before your arrival.

Is the deposit collected ?

Yes, the deposit is collected and it does not corresponds to your first monthly rate. The deposit is paid off around two weeks after your departure if no damages are noticed,

May I get financial help to pay the deposit ?

Yes, you can make a demand to LOCAPASS.

Which is the surface of my room ?

Single rooms are 11 square meters and double rooms are 16 square meters.

Is there a curfew ?

No, you can come and go freely.

May I show my room to my family ? 

Visitors are not allowed in floors and in a part of the ground floor (laundry).
Exceptionally and never after 18 hours, it will be possible to you to show your room to your family for a very limited duration. You have to make the request to the Director.

May I bring my television set?

Yes, however rooms don't get collective antenna. You have to acquire an indoor antenna. Get in touch with the person in charge of activities for the regulation of channels.

May I bring my own furniture?

Only the small ones. The rooms are equiped with a desk, a bed, a wardrob, shelves, a nightstand.

May I sign an individual Internet subscription?

No, it is not possible.

May I pay by debit ?

No, You may pay cash, with a credit card or bank transfer.

What do I have to do on arrival ?

Go to the reception, get your key and settle. A few days after, you will get in your mailbox a contract of residence in two orginal copies that you have to read carefully and sign. You will also find an inventory to do by yourself and a list of missing documents. Return the whole things as soon as possible.

You have to book an appointment with the socio-educational team for a compulsory individual interview.

What do I have to do if I want to leave the foyer ?

You have to inform us in writing 15 days before your departure even if your date of departure corresponds to the end of your contract of residence.

What is the deadline to pay the rent ? ?

The rent must be paid before the 10th of the month or upon receipt of invoice if you have arrived after the 10th of the month .

Is the bedding supplied ?

Only Bed, mattress, drawsheet are provided.

You have to maintain the drawsheet and the mattress.

May I have a kettle ?

Yes but don't use it into your room. If you want to boil water go the the kitchen and plug in the kettle.

Am I supposed to warn someone if I leave for few days ? 

Only if you leave the foyer for more than 1 month.

How long should I wait before the Caf gives me financial help ?

Around 3 months. It can be longer if there are documents missing or if you bring back to your file late.

Que devient l’argent que le foyer reçoit pour moi ?

Financial help is paid on your home account. So you pay the difference between what you owe us and what the CAF pay for you.

May I not pay the rent while financial help comes ?

No, la rent is due in its entirety.

Comment faire si quelque chose se casse dans ma chambre ?

Soit vous cassez quelque chose et dans ce cas, votre responsabilité est engagée. Vous serez facturé pour la réparation ou le remplacement de ce que vous avez cassé.

Vous avez souscrit une assurance Responsabilité Civile (c'est obligatoire) vous pouvez solliciter votre assureur.

Si la casse ou la dégradation n'est pas de votre fait, signalez-le simplement à la réception sur le cahier prévu à cet effet.

Dans tous les cas, signalez tout dégât à la réception.

May I invite friends for lunch or diner ?

Yes but only on the ground floor. There are equipments in the dining room that provide you the opportunity to prepare meals all together.

The number of visitors is limited to 10 persons.

If you plan to invite from 5 to 10 people during the weekend, you have to provide  the list of your guests in the booklet available at the reception the day before the weekend (friday).

Is there schedule time for visitors ?

Yes, From sunday to thursday you may have visits from 9am to 11pm and on friday and saturday from 9am to 0:30.

Pratical information

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Tél : 01 44 16 22 22


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