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292 furnished rooms in Paris for for young women from 18 to 25
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Votre chambre double au Foyer FJT Toblbiac

Diffrent types of rooms

The "Foyer Tolbiac" provides 292 rooms splitted up into into  three types :

  • Single rooms,
  • Double rooms
  • Rooms for «musicians» (they may have a musical instrument such as a piano inside the room)

All our rooms are furnished and equiped with a sink and a small fridge.

You may notice that there is no antenna socket. If you plan to get or bring a TV screen you will also need an amplified indoor antenna.

Room furnishings

  • Bed, nightstand, wardrob, desk, chair, stool, shelves.
  • Bedding is not included.
  • Secure WIFI included.

La Chambre simple : tout le confort nécessaire à prix accessible
Chambre Musique : un logement tout équipé adapté aux musiciens et étudiants
Des espaces extérieurs pour votre bien-être - Foyer Tolbiac
Chambre Individuelle Chambre Individuelle

Pratical information

Foyer Tolbiac
234 rue de Tolbiac
75013 PARIS
Tél : 01 44 16 22 22


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